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I searched the internet for some unique way to commemorate our recent wedding and found HellerandReid.com for boquet preservation. They had beautiful displays, many different designs to chose from.

I very carefully shipped my wedding boquet to them immediately after my wedding, following their step by step instructions including my personal info and cc # for $100 deposit. Approx. 2 weeks later I was called because it was time to make a decision on the final design and pay the remainder of the balance which was $473. I was well aware that the entire process was going to take several months.

After calling a couple of times to follow up I was eventually told that I was scheduled for a July delivery. On or about August 21st I called them again to find out what the status of my order was and conveniently it was in their shipping department and was scheduled to ship that day. I was to recieve it within the next few business days.

August 26th was the date that my package arrived. I anxiously opened it to find that while the display layout itself looked nice my wedding boquet looked hideous. I had very realistic expectations and knew I was not going to recieve a fresh looking bouquet of flowers but these looked crushed, mishandled and the color of them is terribly ugly and drab.

My bouquet was all red flowers roses, tulips and a small somewhat black lillys. I knew the lilly would be dark as it was when the flowers were fresh. However my flowers looked nothing at all like what they advertised on their website. Any displays they advertise with red roses looked red and vibrant, mine do not.

Upon calmming down I immediately called the company located in Texas and told them rather calmly, that I was very dissappointed, disgusted and I do not want that in my house representing the beautiful wedding that we had. I was told by an icy woman on the other line that there are no refunds and they are my flowers. I finally explained that if they were not even going to offer me anything in the way of compensation I would have to go to American Exress and open a dispute. She said OK and hung up the phone.

In my opinion the reaction I got from the company was not one that was the least bit concerned over the fact that a customer was dissatisfied, in fact it seemed like the reaction of someone who gets complaint calls on a regular basis otherwise they would have tried, somehow, to make me happy after paying close to $600 for their product.


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